Short Bunk Beds UK at trade prices
Kids Short Bunk Beds
Short Bunk Beds at rade prices. Short bunkbeds from £99

Short bunk beds -  Kids Bunk Beds
Childrens bunk beds - Short Beds

Short bunk beds at trade prices. The best place to buy short bunk beds uk is direct from a manufacture.  manufacturers and sells direct short bunk beds to the public. Whats more they deliver nationwide within days, not weeks.

Short bunk beds are perfect for the smaller room. The standard bunk bed has a length of 190cm, however short bunk beds have a length of 160cm. These are special sizes not stocked by many retailers.

Short bunkbeds can be purchased directly from , the manufacturer within the UK. With a range of solid pine or metal short bunk beds you will not be disappointed. Prices from only £99.

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In stock, delivered nationwide within days

  Triple sleeper bunk beds, where can we get them from. The best place to get adult bunks beds is direct from the manufacturer. A manufacturer that deals direct to the public and delivered throughout the UK.

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  Like any furniture purchase buying the right bunk bed requires a lot of thought and preparation. There are many factors to consider before making a final decision. Unlike other furniture purchases, however, buying a bunk bed will often involve a third party: the precious cargo that it carries - your children. While you might see a bunk bed as an economical and space-saving solution to your children’s slumber needs, your kids will undoubtedly view it as their own private abode.  


If you are already thinking about buying a bunk bed, space is most likely an issue. Small rooms benefit greatly from a bunk or lofted bed, but there are plenty of benefits for large rooms too. First take some measurements to figure out how much space is available. It is extremely important to measure the ceiling height. All bunk beds vary in height but the average bunk is going to stand between 5 ½ to 6 feet tall. You want to make sure there is at least two feet of space between the bunk and your ceiling. This will cut down on unnecessary bumps and bruises.

Standard bunk beds usually won’t take up more space than a single bed but not all bunk beds can be considered standard. Bunks with pull-out beds, desks, or an L-shape design will surely require a greater sacrifice in living space.

Bunk beds have evolved over the years and there are now many different types to choose from. From a basic, no frills design, to an elaborate combination of features, we offer bunks that cover this whole range of styles. The classic single-over-<wbr>single design is still as functional as it always was and can provide exactly what you need. If you are looking for something with a little more to offer (e.g a cabin-type bed with acessories such as desk/wardrobe under a single bunk) then check out the different types of units that are available.

The original bunk bed design style is still quite popular. The loft design consists of one bed suspended over either another perpendicular bed, or an open space occupied by a desk, drawers, or shelves - a versatile design with countless possibilities. See our range of kids beds.


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Welcome to Strictly Beds and Bunks. We supply DIRECT an impressive range of bunk beds to choose from at trade prices. We stock bunk beds in a variety of shapes and sizes, from Triple sleeper bunk beds to L shaped bunk beds. Strictly Beds and Bunks specialise in short bunk beds for the smaller room. What makes Strictly Beds and Bunks so popular is that we manufacture, stock and deliver all our own products, this enables us to deliver in the UK within 6 working days. By using our own drivers we can offer a reliable, trusted delivery service to your door. So if your child is in need of a bunk bed come to Strictly Beds and Bunks.


Short bunk beds - childrens bunk beds - kids bunk beds - bunkbeds uk



Short Bunk Beds at rade prices. Short bunkbeds from £99